Best Clinics For Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Some clinics have higher success rates than others, and also use different hair transplantation techniques. Reading patient reviews for each clinic may give you a better idea of what to expect. Do keep in mind that every patient is different and speaking directly to a surgeon will help you determine if this surgery is a good option for your individual needs. There are some basic stages before having a hair transplantation. The first of these is the decision-making process for transplantation. If you are faced with the problem of baldness and this situation negatively affects your psychology, you should definitely have it done.
This year he celebrates 25 years of practice in hair restoration. Hair transplantation with the FUE method is the most technological hair transplant method. The FUE method has been developed and applied in our country since 2004 and with this method, very successful hair transplant results are achieved. We, as a MedOptions hair transplant center, do hair fue hair transplant istanbul price transplantation with the FUE method unless there is a special request from our patients. In hair transplantation surgery, two surgical techniques — Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction are widely used to remove hair from a patient's scalp. On average, up to 5000 follicles, called grafts, can be transplanted in each session.

Therefore, it is an application form that can be applied in the world in a number of clinics. In percutaneous hair transplantation, the donor region is the nape of the neck. The hair strands loosened with the device called micromotor are collected with a tweezers-like device. Hair strands that are picked up one-by-one are made ready for planting. In the transplantation zone, micro-round channels are opened with the help of a needle. The hair roots, which are prepared for planting, are placed in the open canals.
After the interview with the hair surgeon, the giving and the receiving zones are determined according to the wishes of the patient and its hair nature. Once the PRP treatment has been implemented, the grafts are simultaneously extracted and implanted with an electrical micro-punch equipped with sapphire blades, or a DHI implanting punch. The operation should last between 5 and 8 hours, according to the size of the grafting zone. It is generally finished in one day, but can also be done in two days, depending on the size of the zone to cover. Hair transplants are performed after a precise diagnosis made by a specialist. It is possible that hair restoration surgery may not be appropriate in some cases.

While there is a black market for hair transplant operations in Turkey, the standard of legitimate and trustworthy hair transplant clinics in Turkey is excellent. Government incentives and the overwhelming competition for hair transplant procedures have forced many hair transplant clinics in Turkey to specialise and improve their craft in order to stay in business. As a result, Turkey has become the home of innovations in the hair transplant industry; one of the surgeons at the forefront of these innovations is Dr Serkan Aygin. Scheduling a hair transplant surgery with either of the two doctors will ensure you get superior patient care and treatment.
This hospital is typically chosen by patients from Russian Federation, Germany and United States of America. Adem and Havva Medical Center offers to perform hair transplant from $1850 to $2150. Hair of Istanbul is a health clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey. Hair of Istanbul King of the Hair Since 2013, hair transplantation with FUE technic is our specialized service for our patients from all around the world. Remedy Istanbul is a premium healthcare provider in Istanbul. Remedy Istanbul provides high quality packages for your plastic surgery, hair transplant, dental medical needs with veteran doctors and top-notch hospitals for fair prices.
The transplanted hairs grows and falls during the first three months, but the roots of those hairs remain inside the scalp to allow their regrowth in the following months. It will possible to see 70% of the results after six months have passed from the procedure. FUE does not require a strip of skin to be removed, instead, the hair follicles are individually removed from the donor site and positioned across the bald area in tiny slits created by a scalpel or needle. This type of treatment will make use of your own blood to promote hair growth.

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The history of hair transplants in Turkey has not been smooth sailing, leaving many sceptical. Considering the lockdown and compulsory quarantine periods after travel, patients are finding this an excellent time to travel for various medical procedures. "Demand for hair is high, and patients are still travelling for hair transplant surgery. Only that instead of travelling in groups, patients are now opting to travel solo," Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic notes.

Turkey's geographical location provides a great advantage, with direct flights from most European and Asian countries. This can save the cost of a flight ticket by 50% compared to most other destinations, which makes the trip to Turkey quite cheaper. In Turkey, luxurious hotels rates are very affordable all year long and finding suitable accommodation is far more easier compared to many other countries, as Turkey is a tourism focused country. In addition, most clinics in Turkey have some sort of All-Inclusive Packages, which will include the transportation, medication and accommodation costs in addition to the surgical cost. The primary reason for all these factors to be so affordable is the favorable rate of exchange of the local currency compared to foreign currencies. There is only one side effect of hair transplant that can't be avoided, and that is scarring.
In addition as alcohol dilutes the blood by its nature, alcohol intake may increase the bleeding during the surgery itself, and slow down the healing process. After the transplantation, alcohol consumption can hinder the nourishment of the transplanted grafts, thus leading to the failure of transplantation. This also might be a good time to stop smoking altogether, as the damage it causes to your health is considerable. After the patient decides to have hair transplantation, the most appropriate method among the different hair transplantation methods can be chosen with the guidance of the physician.

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