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East Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery where the skin around the eye is reshaped. The purpose of the procedure is to create an upper eyelid with a crease from an eyelid that is naturally without a crease. ASIAN BLEPHAROPLASTY or what is commonly known as double eyelid surgery in Thailand is mostly concerned in creating an artificial fold along the upper eyelid to make the eyes look brighter. This procedure is usually combined with removal of excess fat on the upper part of the eyelid, near the eye brows to lessen or eliminate the puffy look. Experienced surgeons like Prof. Somyos Kunachak will be able to deliver the difference between a natural looking improved Asian feature and copy-cat Western look. The anatomy of Asian eyelids differ from that of Caucasian and African descent in many ways.
Drooping upper eyelids can cause significant functional and/or cosmetic problems. If you feel like your eyelids are affecting your daily life, you may be a good candidate ทำตาสองชั้น ที่ไหนดี for this elective procedure. Blepharoplasty with fat removal does not eliminate dark circles under the eyes or remove crow's feet or other facial wrinkles.

A number of people in their 20s and 30s also choose to have a blepharoplasty if they have eyelids that are naturally very hooded, but this is much less common than seeking the surgery due to signs of aging. While there are some people who should not undergo surgeries like blepharoplasty due to heightened risks that come with advanced age, this surgery is otherwise appropriate for a wide range of individuals at many stages of life. The question is less of the ideal age to undergo eyelid surgery, and more of the ideal age for you. If you are comfortable with the prospect of surgery and you know that it will improve your quality of life, the time is likely right for you to have a blepharoplasty. Thailand is a major hub for medical tourism, attracting clients from Asia and Australia to their hospitals and clinics. These include plastic surgery procedures that come bundled in package deals with luxury hotel stays to recover from invasive operations such as breast implants.
Age-related changes of the face are manifested primarily in the eye area and neck. Therefore, eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, in Thailand is the most popular plastic surgery in the facial area. Nose jobs and double eyelid surgery, popular among Asian customers wanting more “Western” eyes, typically start at ฿30,000 Thai baht (around $990 or P48,000), but are now priced at ฿7,000 (around $230 or P11,200). This expert and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon performs procedures to enhance the appearance of patients at two well-known and well-equipped hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand.

This used to be the most popular technique, but it is considered to be non-permanent, and so many people prefer to opt for the incision technique instead. Double eyelid surgery is a relatively quick procedure that can be done as an out-patient – so you won’t need to stay in hospital. One of the world’s favoured medical tourism countries, Thailand was one, if not the pioneer of modern medical tourism in the 1990s.
The face is one of the major area that should require more decision-making before deciding on anything. Your face is your identity and getting procedures done on it can either make or break you. Don’t resign yourself to an appearance that doesn’t make you happy. No matter where you are in life, you should be able to feel happy with yourself and how you look. If your eyelids make you look older than you feel, schedule a consultation in El Paso, Texas with one of our expert surgeons. Contact the Plastic Surgery and Laser Centers of El Paso today — you can reach our West El Paso office at or our East El Paso location at .

On the upper eyelids, an extra fold of skin forms that can hang over the eyelashes and obstruct vision. Bulges on the upper and lower eyelids can also be caused by the fat that cushions the eyeball from the eye socket. The thin membrane that holds the fat in place weakens with age, allowing the fat to protrude into the lids. The savings will more than cover the cost of travel and accommodation.
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This method repositions the outside corner of the eye where the eyelids meet, restoring a youthful look. Shows the procedure for Double eyelid surgery by the Suturing technique. Shows the procedure for Double eyelid surgery by open technique. One of my best friends had to have this surgery because of the impact on his eye health. I think I am also going to need it soon for my own problem with dry eye and my eyelid flipping into my eye at night. I can assure everyone neither of us are concerned about our appearance.
Patients typically want to look more big-eyed or bright-eyed and really want to make applying eyeliner easier too. Most Patients seeking eyelid Surgery also look to remove the noticeable puffy and tired look typically associated with a fat upper eyelid. Surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation will help you avoid pain and discomfort associated with the surgery. The Doctor draws pre-operative lines on your eyelids and incisions are made along your natural creases, as these creases hide your scars after you recover. If the surgery is planned for both the upper and lower eyelids, the upper eyelid is treated first. Excessive fat, skin, and muscle are removed through this incision and then it is stitched.

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