Lalique Encre Noire A L'extreme Eau De Parfum

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He's pale, strange, unique, and artistic. Both formal and informal at the same time. The fragrance reminds me of rain on asphalt, woods, damp soil, pen ink, and of course, a funeral home. Encre Noir is dark in a way that is more agnostic than it is terrifying.

The drydown is both woody and musky, very smooth and balanced. To me it is a perfect example for a shared/unisex scent.
This fragrance is dark damp earthy woods at night and its drizzling. It's not a loud fragrance, it's a subtle one. I don't find it as a dark fragrance, since the scent is pretty common and acceptable in my country.

Encre Noire À L’Extrême (or ‘L’Extrême‘ as it is hereafter referred to for brevity) starts out all vetiver and no excuses. The vetiver is calm at the eye of the storm, but is shadowed by a turbulent veil of elemi and spice as the scent is unleashed with force from the atomiser. Lalique have always been deeply synonymous with opulence – and here, the cubic bottle is weighty and rich, crowned with a black wood cap. A little as if the bottle is ‘undressing’, it shows the rich Cognac hues of the juice within. I consider Encre Noire to be one of the best perfumes of this century. That you can buy a bottle for under $30 makes it a steal.
“Chemistry,” for lack of a better word, is fascinating. Hiris is a horrible mess on me–sharp, metallic, bitter. Wish the juice justified my keeping it. Can't say “never again” when it comes to unsniffed purchases, but this one taught me that even the “safe bets” are not sure things. My most recent (yes, that means I've done it more than once!) unsniffed purchase was Hiris.
The dilemma that still lingers in my mind quite a curious one. I feel that Lalique wasn’t sure who is an ideal customer of this perfume and its whole line. While I’m familiar with Extreme for a relatively short time, I that already known the original DNA for years. I understand the whole praise and all the accolades this line has received.

If there’s one thing I like the most about the perfume, it’s the presentation. The bottle is pure work of art and possibly the best-looking perfume bottle ever created. In 1905, he opened a new shop in Paris that extended products from jewelry to glassworks as well. Since the shop was close to François Coty, Lalique started producing perfume bottles for them. You see, the Encre Noire line is meant to be used during the Fall and Winter due to their heavier vetiver/cypress notes. This scent is perfect for office wear, or for evening excursions. Sophisticated, refined and classy, Encre Noire has it in spades.
It’s how an abandoned bonfire smells like. Wood of coniferous trees has that peppery smell of a burned resin when it cools down-that’s what you’ll be spraying yourself with. The first spray was a bit too smoky and reminded me a bit of an ashtray.

I gave it only a very quick smell, but thought it was pretty. I'm fairly sure it is actually a 2003 limited edition that they've brought back read more for Neiman Marcus. I have a long line of friends and relatives who love my rejects. I love Hiris because it's sharp, metallic and bitter.
Its fresh and woody top notes come from the naturally aromatic cypress. Its stimulating core combines mysterious notes of vetiver, Bourbon and Haitian vetiver with the warm and enveloping notes of cashmere wood and musk. My all-time favorite vetiver fragrance is Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire.

Longevity, projection, and sillage are all middle of the road, not beast mode and not terrible. That means you don't have to worry about choking out the room. It's probably best for a guy 35 and older who likes the outdoorsy vibe rather than a sweet fragrance designed specifically for pleasing female noses. I'm wearing Encre Noire as I write this review.
It's more of a fragrance enthusiast's fragrance. It turns me on, but I'd suggest you sample it before buying. I blind bought this fragrance when I already had a bit of expirience with fragrances because it seemed interesting and was affordable enough to risk it. Lost in pitch black woods a rainy autum night but at least smelling really nice. I have had my bottle for years now and it's still pretty full but that doesn't mean I do not love it. It's simple and goes straight to the brain.
For nearly as long another summer staple was Guerlain Vetiver but in 2012 Roja Parfums Vetiver Extrait supplanted it. Roja Dove takes the same spine found in that fragrance and turns it into something as brilliant as the noontime summer sun. Jasmine and rose provide an amuse bouche for the vetiver main course.

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