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1,3,4 Department of Marketing, College of Business, Administration (CBA), King Saud University (KSU),Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. According to Vishal Sanghavi, manager of business research and advisory at Mumbai, India-based consultancy Aranca, Saudi Arabia's 11m-unit car market has yet to reap the benefits of such change but this is likely to change drastically over the next two to three years”.
As a direct impact of these challenges, the fleet was underutilized, at any one point 25% of the vehicles were not available for rent with an observed lead time of 25 days for processing a broken-down car from the moment the incident happens to the vehicle being ready to be rented out again.

It established a call center to maintain communications with its customers in order to increase their satisfaction”, and initiated an Operational Renting Program giving the major customers the right to rent vehicles for long-term or short-term contracts with guaranteed maintenance services”.
An October 2018 report said the lifting of the ban on women driving in Saudi as of June 2018, along with recovering oil prices and economic policies aimed at boosting consumer spending, will result in an eight percent per annum increase of passenger vehicles sales until 2022.

Institutional customers include car rental agencies, restaurants and businesses providing delivery services, individuals or companies operating taxi services, and companies, enterprises or government authorities that provide their employees or management personnel with cars instead of paying them transportation allowances.
From Saudi Arabia, specifically from Al-Ahsa city in 1987, AlMulhim Auto was established with a great ambition accompanied by its attempt to fulfill the wishes of the clients in a concrete way, AlMulhim Auto later was expanded to cover all over the eastern region with trading in used cars.

According to Thomas Beatrice (2014) and Tago Abdul Hannan (2014), the Saudi Malaysian Industrial Development Holding Company has obtained a preliminary license granted by the Saudi government to start the research and development phase of building a made in KSA” car.
AVIS Saudi Arabia management identified what it takes to become a Lean organization which helped identify several opportunities to improve operations such used cars processes, sales processes or leasing operations. Aside from its high demand, Saudi Arabia can be the gate to many neighboring potential markets, according to SIDF report (www.arabnews, 20142).
These include the Best Provider of Tourism and Hotel Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and more recently, the Best Agent Award. Avis Saudi Arabia has a successful history in dealing with all customers whether individuals, small, medium, or large companies and government bodies.

Arabian Hala Group is headquartered in Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter servicing several business segments. Premium Maintenance Gives You Genuine Peace of Mind from Ford Motor Company. During the ورشة جيب في الرياض last three decades, Japan and Korea have shown strong penetration of the Saudi automobile market and an increase in the market share exceeding 70% of the automobile sales in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has the potential to become one of the leading automobile and spare parts manufacturers in the world. Local vehicle production in Saudi Arabia is largely limited to heavy-duty commercial vehicles (from completely or semi-knocked down kits). RIYADH — Gulf Advantage Automobiles (GAA), the importer of Renault cars in the Kingdom, has announced the launch of the first 'Autofix Multi-Brand Services' center in Riyadh.

Also, we have expert teams to inspect the car AC and to find the best automotive solutions. Complete job details of Auto denter and painter jobs in Saudi Arabia are as fallows. These standards affect the penetration and the continuity of the business in the Saudi market.

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